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Season opened

As the headline says the season has been opened, if you’re reading this you’ve probably already checked our facebook updates and know how it went. The problems started in the morning at the car inspection when the emergency stop didn’t work or in othe words the cable was stuck. We immediately started fixing this and by…

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Gearbox updates!

Our gearbox guy, Ville Saari sent some pictures of the all new gearbox logic made completely on an Arduino. The main unit will now be much smaller and hopefully work a lot better, There have been some minor issues which this update will fix. Ville has also taken care of fixing a screen that displays…

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Engine pre-fitting went well

I doubt too many out there have tried putting an om606 equipped with a Holset HX52, a eaton MP90 and last but not least a e55 AMG automatic gearbox in a w203. As we started the fitting I was quite sure we would not be able to close the hood afterwards but I was wrong. The…

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