Assetto Corsa Mercedes Benz S203.5 Black Smoke Edition replica

Black Smoke season 2022 car replica, all data compared, scanned and measured from in real life pro drift car.

The Black Smoke circus started out with a Finnish guy who wanted to try drifting with a diesel car, this struggle has remained the same for over a decade. Everything is done by trial and error, especially the motorsport part, probably not in the easiest way. Don’t do what you do best, do what you like.

  • 3.2l turbodiesel OM613/OM648 with a lot of changes, parts from
  • 2x Holset
  • 800hp/1200nm
  • At 4bar boost
  • G-force dogbox
  • Winters quick change rear diff
  • Custom drysump by Black Smoke
  • Graphics by

Whole car is made by Black Smoke sim crew:

  • Whole chassis 3d model by @iRevives
  • Engine 3d model and some details by @linstetti
  • Whole project clutch kicker and skin by @_saastamoinenn
  • Custom soundmod from irl sound samples by @LukayZ
  • Scanning by @kp_designs
  • Car data, engine, suspension and wheel alingments by Lasse Kalliokoski