A little info on the 2015-2016 racecar + Teemu answers some bonus questions!

The idea behind the project/Tanken bak prosjektet:

The idea is the same as is has been since we started, building a car that we can compete with.

When and why did you buy this car/Når kjøpte du bilen?

We got this car for free winter 2012-2013

From who did you buy it/Hvem kjøpte du den av?

From our sponsor Parkkila.fi, we got it for free.

Was it an easy buy, or did something special happen/Hvordan foregikk handelen?

No problems, we just loaded onto the trailer and drove the 100km home.

How was the car then- please write alot/Hvordan var bilen da, utfyllende info!:

A stock w203 without engine and interior. Nothing else.

Did anything special happen during the build- funny stories/Har det skjedd noe moro/spesielt under bygging, eller testing osv:

Mounting the Toyota supra rear axle, it fitted in the same stock mounting! 😀

Please write the entire buildprocess- write alot / Fortell hele byggeprosessen/evt det du veit er gjort før du kjøpte den A-Å: SKRIV UTFYLLENDE!

In the winter of 2012-2013 we built the w203 driftcar. Seasons 2013 and 2014 were driven with the old om606 engine and the car was pretty much the same during these years. The only major change between 2013-2014 was the switch from “automatic” gearbox to a TEXracing 4 speed gearbox.

In 2015 we replaced the old om606 with a Mercedes 320cdi engine (om648) and started building this engine, the struggle was real. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET about tuning this engine. Jesse started out by trying to figure out which cables are needed to keep the engine running whilst our software guy continuously removed lines from the software causing faults. When we had the engine running with a proper gearbox and without stuff like ABS, ESP, Brake assistants and other electronics we just added a bigger turbo and the biggest injectors available. We’re still using the stock ecu Bosch EDC16 and the software development has been as much of a struggle as the rest of the engine.  In 2015 we didn’t really get the software working properly, there was an “ease in”-feature with the fuel injection that resulted in very poor response and almost no chance of using clutch or lifting the throttle during the runs.

The 2016 build started out with Jesses persistence on getting the CDI engine working properly (The rest of us were ready to give up). Once Jesse had us believing in the development of the om648 engine, we had enough motivation to also start facelifting the old C Class.

Some of us had sworn to not get involved with fibreglass, then we sat down one night in december at Teemus place looking at pictures of w204 Black Editions. We just loved the way it looked. Unfortunately we could not find any bodykit for the wagon and how would we ever have time to finish a new chassis with rollcage and all? Then someone said it will fit the w203 like a charm. The same night we ordered the w204 Black Edition Coupe bodykit.

The front was kind of a good fit, hood sits a little higher and the whole front is a little wider than before, we needed to extend the flares a little, this was done with parts of the old car and fibreglass. We also fitted w204 rear corners/flares. The car was lowered approximately 8cm, after the facelifting we moulded the whole car. Now we had an entirely different angry looking car. The livery was also renewed with a specific DTM livery in mind.

The mechanical changes on the engine in 2016 goes as follows;

New, stroked high pressure pump from 400cdi v8, Theoretically 750hp

Stock customized pistons, lowering the compression rate from 18:1 to 14:1

Customized camshafts by pajaworks

Twin turbo system with Holset HX27 Billet and Holset HX50 Billet by ProTurbo systems, Theoretically 750hp (4.5bar)

Bigger custom hand made injectors. Theoretically 750hp

However changing all these parts and getting the car working properly mechanically did not help. The final lines that were removed developing the software was the “Ease in”-feature for Cruise control, at the same time faster response to the electric gas pedal was added, this was software version 67. Now the engine is responsive and as well as using clutch and lifting throttle during the runs is possible, the car is drivable.

Next up is more fuel, more boost, more power. The engine will eventually break.

Are there any special features on the car/Er det noen spesielle løsninger, og hvordan fungerer de:

Backing up camera instead of rear view mirror.

Describe the car how you feel it works etc/Beskriv bilen som best du kan, hvordan den er, hvordan du opplever den etc:

Teemu feels the car works a lot better than before the CDI project and twin turbos. The car is however much more difficult to drive than a proper petrol car. Teemu has driven a lot of different drifting cars and every single one has been better than the mercedes.

Name/Ditt navn:

Teemu peltola




Kokkola / Finland

Maritial stauts(single, married etc)/Status:




Why this car/Hvorfor akkurat denne?

Because we got it free from our sponsor parkkila.fi

How long to build it/Byggetid: 

During winters 2012-2016

Hardest to build/Største utfordring?

Everything was quite simple except the twin turbo system and the software.

Most pleased with/Mest fornøyd med?


How is it to drive/Hvordan er den å kjøre?

The car is easy, the engine is difficult!

Plans for the future/Fremtidig planer?



New projects/Nye prosjekter? –

Own any other cars/Andre biler?

Dailydrive w221 320cdi




mb c 203.5




600hk +1000nm

Enginespec – please fill in all/Motorspec: Her er det viktig med detaljer!!



18×8 and 18×9


Original front, rear supra




TEXracing 4 speed gearbox, tilton clutch, Toyota Supra rear axle


Westlake RS 265/35/18


Seats, steering wheel, pedals, handbrake, backing up camera

External changes/Utvendige endringer:

w204 coupe black edition bodykit

Wish to thank/Takk til:

Autodude, ProTurbo Systems, Pajaworks, Kari Tuikkala, Sercap, Migatronic, Per’s Däckservice, Kokkolan Autohuolto, Black Smoke Ltd, Teemu Peltola, Genero, Kim Wiik, Audioimport, ,Parkkila.fi, myself, Kirka, Gatebil, MAN bus and All friends involved.

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  1. What I admire so much about your efforts is the fact that you didn’t just follow the rest, you used new original ideas and overcame the problems as they arose. I once built a diesel car in the 1970’s out of mainly commercial vehicle components, as in the UK there were no diesels on the market. Everyone thought I was stupid as diesel engines were slow, dirty, and noisy, but when it was finished and on the road I had the last Laugh! You may like to look up John Summers ‘ Sleepless night s’ pulling tractor which was a huge success in the 1990’s. Most people dismissed this low budget tractor but it was very successful. Good luck for the future!!!

  2. Love your project , it is epic with cdi tuning. I have a project Myself, Do you have any tips on how to determine which lines on the ECU is to what? Having Trouble whit constant limpmode, especially in abs , esp , etc.

  3. Hello I am a proud owner of ta Mercedes E320CDI, i would tune it without tearing down the OM613 for an OM606, could you help me i this way, i am struguling in CDI engine. Very good article. Kind regards

  4. Will you guys offer the ecu for sale? We have one person here transplanting the factory ecu and om648 to older cars, but not custom ECU options. Thanks.

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