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Backwoods cruising and a working engine

Big thanks to Backwoods Customs for the hospitality and an amazing event! Backwoods cruising went straight to the top5 events we have ever been part of.

The greatest news are that the car is now working as it should.

Developing the cdi engine has been a long and hard road. The car has not worked as it should until now and it has been very hard to drive, now Teemu is happier than ever and we cant wait to test it properly on a real track. We still have a lot of tweaks to do to make the setup safer and to get more power but now the base engine is good. Small adjustments to ECU software helped alot making the car more drivable, which has been the main issue. We also raised the redline to 6500rpm which is alot. ? We will see how the engine will stand with that.

Next up is Gatebil at Vålerbanen and Teemu will for sure bring his best game and a working car!

We also want to thank our new partners,

www.camshaftworks.com – thanks to you the engine is now breathing properly!

AUTODUDE.FI – Thanks to you the car is cleaner the ever!

www.proturbo.fi – the twin turbo system is working exactly as it should!

(Big thanks to Mikko, Puuhis and Anssi too! 😉 )

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  1. I reground my cams to make them bigger I lost a lot of bottom end and was thinking about advancing the intake to get it back. You have any input on cam timing on OM606?

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