Exhaust manifold variations. Version 2.

There has been some debate about different exhaust manifolds on CDI engines. Some think that longer manifold with colletor is the only way. On the other hand some say that the right way is to get a manifold that is as short as possible.

Long exhaust manifold:

Those who shout out for long manifold think that manifold shoud be able to flow without restrictions.  Pipes should be equal lenght and there should be a collector before the turbo. Also to exhaust pressure shoud stay low.

Short exhaustmanifold:

Short manifold should provide quicker boost response, with out compromising the top end power. Turbo should ”wake up” earlier because of ”incorrect” exhaust gas pulses inside the manifold. Higher exhaust pressure would actually be beneficial.

We at Black Smoke don’t want to guess so we desided to do some testing.

Pyry Takkunen wanted to participate in this testing so he provided two different manifolds.


Exhaust manifold variations. Version 1.
Exhaust manifold variations. Version 1.
Exhaust manifold variations. Version 2.
Exhaust manifold variations. Version 2.

We will do some testing on dyno to see if one of these manifolds is better for our use.

Witch one would You preffer? Comment on Facebook!

We will let you know about the results later!


If you want one of these magnificiant exhaust manifolds to your car, please contact Pyry!


You can see some of his work on this finnish topic.


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  1. Of course I went for the long one from Pyry 🙂
    Thanks for the reply; I just saw it now.

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