black smoke daily driver


Would you like to have a 477Hp & 782Nm Mercedes Benz?

Price is now 7700€

The car is sold.

The car is sold by reverse auction. 15.11.2016 Price is 10000€, the price will be reduced by 100€/day. You can reserve the car with 1000€ or by paying the price of the day. The car is sold after MOT inspection.


The car has been built for years.

You can watch us building the car on our youtube channel: “blacksmoketube”.


om605 turbo, HX40V, Herlevi/Diesellandia 8mm fuel pump, chinese intercooler 600x300x70, PT Racing exhaust manifold, 3″ straight exhaust pipe. 477Hp & 782Nm.



BMW ZF gearbox, BMW M5 clutch, Big ASD rear axle, Billet driveshafts.



Black racing front seats, w201 cosworth black leather back seats, JVC stereo, 7×10″ Ground Zero speakers in the back. The gearbox knob has been made by Teemu in the old Carrot-lathe, by hand.



H&R Springs and racing -brakepads. Bigger cooled brake discs in the front.


Tyres & Rims

Summer: Masitaly 18×8″ 215/35R18

Winter: Alutec 15″ 185/65R15

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  1. Hello,
    Should we are interested in your car, but we wonder how it would be logging in for us and imports into the Czech Republic.Hello,

  2. Couldn’t find info – what clutch pressure plate did you guys use for daily driver..?

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