Hello not a lot of post this week, we have been really busy in the garage. The last problems with the drifter was found on Thursday and the lack of boost was also fixed. The main problems with the boost was the turbo which was changed and a crack in the intake manifold which was welded. When those faults where fixed we finally could take the car to Snowfactory to be taped with the new graphics and sponsors. While the car was at Snowfactory we could focus all energy on the sprinter aka “the mule”. If you read the last post you saw that we was busy with fixing rust on it, now when Teemu have painted it we can see it really paid of an amazing improvement in looks.

The Mule
Newly painted

We tough we would remake the interior also when we where at it. In the picture above you can see a part of the new checkered floor. We have also had very poor sound system in the mule so it was time for a update. To fix the sound we called Jesse who is one of the best Finnish Car-Hifi makers and asked him to fix us a budget system. Jesse came and oh’boy the sound is amazing now.

Jesse and Anton fixed the speaker mounts

The front seats was loaned from a w210 Mercedes and they will hopefully be more pleasant in the  long-run drives. Big thanks to Teemus brother Mikko for the work with the seats and the interior without him we would be in big trouble.

On Friday we got the car back with the new tape and we think it looks amazing some sponsor stickers is still missing but we will get them before Denmark. What do you think?

The new look. what do you think?

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  1. Looks more awesome now than ever! The most brutal “family car” on earth maybe?? 

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