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Black Smoke season 2014 in hindsight, part 2.

Black Smoke

Read Part 1 HERE, if you have not read it yet. After the midsummer event at Kemora, Finland we had two weeks to make the car ready for Gatebil, the main event in Rudskogen. In just a few days we got the cummins injectors for the DI engine, which we were told would fit (more…)

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Engine pre-fitting went well

I doubt too many out there have tried putting an om606 equipped with a Holset HX52, a eaton MP90 and last but not least a e55 AMG automatic gearbox in a w203. As we started the fitting I was quite sure we would not be able to close the hood afterwards but I was wrong. The…

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Cardiac transplant 1/2. Donor car, fitting & Piping

We had a great garage day on saturday and got a lot done. As you may have heard we will “Loan” the engine and gearbox from the w123 to the new w203 to save time. The w123 won’t be needed in the spring months so we will have more time to fix a new engine…

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