At gatebil we broke the engine and the turbo, we’re now changing the setup a little, we’re getting a new, a bit bigger turbo and we’re getting rid of the supercharger.



Why? because it produces too much heat. Two of the six pistons had melted and a few of the exhaust valves were all concave.

We’re also replacing the intercooler for a much bigger and not as “custom” (read not good) one. The water injection system will also be reinstalled hoping for a lot cooler intake temperature. Enjoy the low quality, humane pictures. (:



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  1. Water injection would probably solve your issues alone, without having to remove the charger at all.

  2. Also interested in why you are choosing to remove the supercharger and go with a larger turbo. It seems the immediate outcome of that would be to slow spool and increase EGTs. If anything, you want to keep mass airflow high. More air in the chamber will act as a heatsink and keep temperatures down. Water injection and better intercooling should help. Perhaps you should look at piston cooling in a bit more detail as well.

  3. I would totally buy your supercharger and pulley!! would you email me if you can? I have an om606 also. πŸ™‚

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