The build continues with fixing the body. As we needed to fix some rust and dents we decided to paint the whole car.

If you haven’t read part on you can start here.

Removing the power train.

We started with removing the engine and gearbox.


Fixing some rust in the engine bay.
Sourcing sheet-metal.

The worst rust was fixed with new metal.

Fitting a modded w203 bumper.

We modified a w203 bumper (the original from the drifter) to fit the w201.


The fenders were slightly modified to fit the new bumper and give more clearance as we are going to lower the car.


The tailgate was in a bad shape and the lock was broken so we had to fit a new one. Luckily we found a decent one in the backyard.


Om602. Anton wearing Emil’s glows 🙂

The pump was removed and is waiting for a upgrade and the top was sent to be levelled more about that in the next episode. We have also found a original turbo exhaust-manifold and turbo-rods laying around the garage.


We are going to do a small modification to the pistons and change the rods to original turbo rods as they are a lot more durable.


The car was sanded down.


We are going to tape the roof with black wood vinyl, the same kind as on the old drifter.


Finally around 12pm on the saturday evening we got to the painting.

To do list (list may change hourly!):

  • Change the transmission to a 6 speed w211 manual one
  • Mount a 200D flywheel
  • Mount a MB Sprinter Clutch
  • Buy and fit a exhaust manifold
  • Fit a turbo
  • Fit an intercooler and do the piping
  • Sand it and fix rust
  • Paint it
  • Wood vinyl
  • Lower it!
  • Find some nice rims!
  • Fix audio!!
  • Take the car to a Dyno and get exhaust and power readings.
  • MOT test it.
  • Drive and have fun!


Money already spent 450€

Grinding set: 10€

Sandpaper: 30€

Paint + paint stuff: 300€

Bumper w203: backyard

Tailgate: backyard

Exhaust manifold: backyard

Turbo-rods: upstairs

Money spent so far: 790€

Part one

Part two


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