We got a new used engine for the project!Teemu found a cheap broken down (with only one broken pre-chamber) 2,5l, 20v, 5-cyl, OM605, and decided, this is what we need for the project. The guys went and got the engine and to their surprise they even got a lot of other parts in the awesome deal, alternator, exhaust manifold and so on.

In this episode we (Ville) both started and finished the cylinder head.




The cylinder head was taken apart, the valves and pre-chambers were blasted with glass beads and broken pre-chamber was fixed by replacing it with a new one.




Further Ville also fixed the valve seatings, checked that they were not leaking, grinded the valves, leveled the head and washed everything up.

During the wash Ville started talking about the new Drifter engine and we thought that we could reveal something about that too.

The new drifter engine will be based on a OM606, it will be stroked and bored to 3,4l. The pre-chambers of the OM606 head will not be present next season, they will be replaced by fitting direct injection nozzles from a Scania. The engine will have a lower compression ratio and more boost will be used, approximately 5 bars.

We hope you liked the video, everything was filmed and done in one take (about 2 hours of work). Please enjoy the video.

To do list (list may change hourly! New stuff marked with “NEW!–>”):

  • Change the transmission to a 6 speed w211 manual one
  • Mount a 200D flywheel
  • Mount a MB Sprinter Clutch
  • Buy and fit a exhaust manifold
  • NEW!–> Buy broken OM605 and fix the head the machine shop
  • NEW!–> Fix the om605 engine
  • Fit a turbo
  • Fit an intercooler and do the piping
  • Sand it and fix rust
  • Paint it
  • Wood vinyl
  • Lower it!
  • Find some nice rims!
  • Fix audio!!
  • Take the car to a Dyno and get exhaust and power readings.
  • MOT test it.
  • Drive and have fun!


Money already spent 790€

OM605: 500€

New pre-chamber: sponsored!

Money spent so far: 1290€

Part one

Part two


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  1. Why did u ditch the OM602? 🙁 I have a OM602 I’m going to use in my W124 and was curious about what kind of diesel pump u where going to use

  2. I’m from the states and id like to order a snapback. do you guys still sell them? id love one. please respond

    1. They are out of stock for the moment but we will receive more in maybe a month or two.

  3. injectors that I use in my om605 to have more amount of oil ??? I have items in my pump 8mm

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