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The whole 2013 we were struggling with the engine. For 2014 we were supposed to be driving with another engine but as usual nothing went according to the plans. When we realised that we were not going to be able to make the direct injected engine ready in time we decided to make a backup engine to start off the season in time. The engine was a quite normal om606 with the usual 8mm pump, HX52 turbo (with Garrett 0.94 exhaust side) and arrow rods. You may also know that we’ve changed the gearbox to a T101.

We put the engine together quite fast and everything seemed to be going well, the biggest problems were fitting the new clutch and gearbox. We could not get more boost than 2.2bar (should have been a lot higher. W e’re not using any wastegate.) at the first test and the turbo wings came out through the bonnet, after some weird cutoff sounds on high rpms. After this we changed the turbo to our old HX52 and we still had the same problems, we still thought that the problem might be the turbo as practically nothing else had changed. Another turbo was installed, not a very good one but still brand new, and still the same problems. We realised that the problem probably wasn’t the turbo so we started to check everything, we found a few very small leaks after the intercooler but nothing that should have affected the engine in such a way. The last night before we had to depart for DHB we were still looking for the problem and went through everything again, Checking fuel pumps, fuel filters, boost pipes, hoses, timing, cams and we even changed the hydraulic lifters. In the last hours before we had to depart for DHB we changed the mechanical adjuster on the injection pump (pumpun perse in finnish). This fixed the cutoff problem and we left for DHB without any further testing as we were already 17 minutes late.

When we arrived to DHB we obtained a significant loss in power. During the weekend Göran Lindgren from Dieselmeken in Aneby, Sweden suggested that we should come by and change the injection pump because this was the only option left. On wednesday before Gatebil, Mantorp we drove to Dieselmeken and changed the pump, after this we at least got more boost and more power. We spent the night at Dieselmeken eating hamburgers with Göran and left for Mantorp in the morning.

Next up was Gatebil, we arrived on thursday but could not test anything as the track was not open yet, on friday the fuel pump was leaking so we opened it up and fixed the leak. Teemu got on the track and after driving through 15 minutes of yellow flags the car was overheating so he came back in. Water pump fuse was blown, we changed it and Teemu got a few laps before the car overheating again. We rewired the whole system and it was working again. Two laps later the waterhose popped, when he came in the car was running on five cylinders and there was oil in the engine room, we could clearly see from the EGT readings that cylinder nr. 2 was dead and everyone knew the problem.

Se on niin pirullinen tää kone että jos se aukastaan täälä niin siellä on mäntä sulannu mutta jos me viiään se hallille niin siellä on suutin pimeenä.

We had a 10 minute breakdown before deciding that we’ll open it up. We noticing that the piston had melted we had another 10 minute breakdown before deciding that we’ll change the engine. We found an engine and the guys drove it to us in 3 hours, when he reached Mantorp we had already lifted the old engine out. We decided not to start changing the connection rods but go with the stock ones. We worked in shifts and got the engine changed about mid-day on saturday. It took us that long as we had to take the oil pump from the old engine and we had shorten the oil pump chain, which was WELDED! Big thanks to Sannah Lampinen for that!

Big thanks also to Angry Drift Team for borrowing the engine lift to us Angry drift Team

We would also like to thank

The car was on the track 16:00, Teemu got some laps and later qualified on shared third place. On sunday Teemu drove the underpowered car to a third place.

Click here for video!

After the two first events of 2014 we’re now going to make the direct injected engine happen. The new engine will be ready for Gatebil rudskogen in July.

New engine specs;

  • OM606 stroked to 3,4l
  • Strengthened block
  • Direct injected with cummins injectors
  • Compound charged with a HX40 billet and HX60
  • Maxed 8mm injection pump

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  1. Big ups for making this report, enjoy reading this! Cant wait until Rudskogen, hoping for 1st for you

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