Yep, this will probably be the last drifting for BSR in 2011, the already retired w123 goes for yet another spin and needs a little care.

As you all may know, there has never been quite enough power in the engine, in almost every race there’s been something wrong. The compressor wasn’t even mounted on gatebil and whenever it’s been there, it hasn’t worked correctly. We’ve considered many ways to do the whole assembly of these components but only now we think we have it figured out, and yes, there’s always someone who disagrees and think these should be mounted in a different way but this sure seems to work great.

The part seen above has been the latest problem. This was the part that pushed air directly into the intake manifold (instead of into the compressor) when the turbo managed to generate more boost than the compressor. The problem here was the bad flow because of too small holes, valves, tight turns and so on. So we got rid of it.

The new solution looks like this. Mounted on this end of the intake manifold you can see what basically is a check valve, yeah it’s not operated in any way, it just prevents pushing air “backwards” in the system while the compressor is taking care of the boost, when the turbo generates more pressure than the compressor this “flap” will of course open. And yeah, we know it’s beautiful.

And last but definitely not least we had to modify the compressor wheel, cuz the merc seemed to burn more rubber underneath the hood than on the wheels. So the wheel had to get bigger, well teemu just gave a piece of hardcore tube a spin and it was done. 😀 (after welding it on.) The engine made 2bar boost and no smoke standing still in the garage. It has not been tested on the track yet but this certainly smells like success.

The track day will be on saturday in Joutsa and we’ll maybe make a video of the event if the weather allows it.

This setup should be enough for a REALLY fast 3,5 bar boost, yeah it’s doable.

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  1. I love your work on the merc engine but still got questions that need the answers for my merc engine on a RRC . What is the safest pressure you can work with the original pistons flanges and rods? Are you thinking of use this experience for developing a tunners brand for diesel engines?Do you think that would be possible to share the primary settings on your merc so we can at least search in how we can achieve this in our country.
    With respect on your effforts and on your results John Papantoniou  

    1. About the pressure i would say about 1,5 bar is safe. There are no plans on making bsr to a tuning bran and we will share the most of what we do here on the blog but not much is yet planned and we don’t know for sure what exactly will be done.

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