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Black Smoke season 2014 in hindsight, part 2.

Black Smoke

Read Part 1 HERE, if you have not read it yet. After the midsummer event at Kemora, Finland we had two weeks to make the car ready for Gatebil, the main event in Rudskogen. In just a few days we got the cummins injectors for the DI engine, which we were told would fit (more…)

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Black Smoke season 2014 in hindsight, part 1.

Long time since we last made a post. I thought we should do a season recap of the season 2014 and why it went like it did. This season was the toughest yet, it really tested us. Still it was also the most fun. (more…)

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Plans for diesel-drifter 2014

Hi guys, long time since we made a real blog-post. We promised yesterday that we would reveal some of our plans for next season so here you go. Those of you who have followed us on Facebook know that the season ended for us in Riga with yet another engine failure. The failure were the…

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