Yesterday we decided to go testdrive the car with only one and a half day left before we leave for England. There was som fixes to be done before it was drivable, like fitting the sponsor stickers and som less important things like fitting a seat and harness for Teemu.

More sponsors.
More sponsors.

As usual we were a couple of hours late. (Too little light don’t expect any amazing video.)

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Final checks.

The testing was a lot like the previous years with a lot of small problems  loose hoses, open valves, closed valves, electric switches and so on. We also immediately found a what we tought at the time to be a big problem with the gearbox, wich had gone completely mad doing whatever it liked.

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After a while of head scratching Teemu localized the problem to a wire from the broken lcd-display. After we got rid of the wire black magic happened and the car worked like a charm for a couple of laps.

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Teemu rolled into the pit with a jammed high revving engine. We were lucky to get the engine to stop fast and that it hadn’t got stuck at full gas. After it stopped we didn’t get it to start again and hade to quit the test and get the car to the garage. The problem was quite unpleasant as a pump-element had got jammed. We fixed the problem by changing to a old pump as we couldn’t repair the pump. This is a bit dissatisfactional as we now can’t use the best possible pump. We didn’t either get enough testing done so the car is a bit of a question mark for us yet.

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Video from the testrun.




_DSC7446 _DSC7446
_DSC7452 copy DSC7452
_DSC7479 _DSC7479

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