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Exhaust system almost done!

As Teemu was busy working today, his father stepped in to take his position. This job mostly means driving us to do things faster, I’m not sure wether we’re slow or Teemu is fast but I would love to think it’s the later. Anyway things went on and we actually got a lot done.


3.4 Vehicles must retain an exhaust system, from 2013 the exhaust must exit the car behind the rear axle or in its original position...”


…says the regulations, this exhaust-system-thingy is a little bit new to us  : D No, but seriously the exhaust pipe has almost never been made all the way to the back of the car. There have been plenty of variations though; only downpipe, downpipe + 1m and we’ve even been using the downpipe as an “up-pipe” pointing upwards and through the hood, what a sight that was….


Today also the exhaust manifold was changed to one that places the gigantic turbocharger a little lower (almost 15cm!!!) which was almost unbelievable, now the hood won’t need as big a hole for the turbocharger as we thought. The whole package looks much cleaner and fits the engine bay a lot better now! As the manifold was changed the old wastegate piping didn’t fit anymore so a little news there too. The wastgate piping was also made to fit new downpipe and exhaust manifold. In other words, the wastegate+downpipe-part is ready for some fine TIG-welding.


For moving coolant, to and from the radiator placed in the rear, two pipes were installed. These had to go through the car, underneath the passenger seat. (picture below, two pipes sticking out)


Me and Joni also had the pleasure of starting to use some brand new equipment! and what an experiment it was… I was more into using the new equipment than into documenting the guys working… : D


Anyway, with this exhaust system no compromises will be made and it already looks VERY good, in my eyes merely the downpipe is a work of art. What’s yet missing is a vibration damper and some smaller pipes that will go from where it now ends(check the pics) all the way to the back.

exhaust-22exhaust-24exhaust-20Lot of work done, even more left! On monday we’ll start with the rollcage, Stay tuned!


  1. Nice work guys. I was going to ask about the exhaust but you’ve explained it all! Why can’t you poke it out through the front wing?? You’ve done a great job of it.

  2. “3.4 Vehicles must retain an exhaust system, from 2013 the exhaust must exit the car behind the rear axle or in its original position…”

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