We were a bunch of people at the garage yesterday and by the end of the evening we got to replace theese to-do-lists to one short one.

Garage to do list

To do list

We have fitted some new safety equipment and a new shut of system that actually works for this season.

Markings for the main electrical switch and the fire-system leavers.

Markings for the main electrical switch and the fire-system leavers.

slider5184 x 3456_3

Ville tought it would look nice with tinted windows. Teemu and Ville then professionally tinted all the windows in les than half an hour. You cant even see that many air bubbles, at least not it the right rear window.

window tinting w203

Speed is everything.

We wasted a bit of time with the wiring for the gearbox as non of the displays worked properly. The lcd-screen now needs a new power supply and the big led-gear-display has to be remade because of a short-circuit.

Dashboard gearbox display

Observe that the eight gear is selected.

Gauges drifter

Moments later there was darkness.

Teemu applied the first sticker…     in the wrong place.

Bsrgarage (3 of 6)With a tight schedule it’s great that so many helps out, making parts, picking up parts and building the car.

Car lift w203

Teemu and Mangnus is in the car trying to fix the wiring while the steering is being tuned.

Well finnish with some pics of the new car finally standing on its own 🙂 We will start our trip towards England on wednesday. Incase we don’t have the time to write any more posts before that, Say hi if you se us on the road and help out if we have a blown tire on the tailer 😉

Bsrgarage (5 of 6) Bsrgarage (6 of 6)


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