The long weekend that begun for us last tuesday is almost over, we’re now on our way home with approximately 800km and a 12-hour ferry from home. About 120km from Kokkola we changed a tire on our trailer again so no news there (: the rest of the trip to Gothenburg went well, we arrived about 2am on the night to thursday. We were not sure wether we had hotel rooms booked for us that night or not and we had no internet so we ended up sleeping in our own five star hotel on Fair Bilservice yard, big thanks to Totte for letting us sleep there. On thursday morning we found out we had hotel rooms so we went there to meet up with Monster Energy and to freshen up and eat breakfast. The invite only event with Monster Energy began about 2pm at Gothenburg City Ring and if we’d have to describe the track simply, it would sound something like “Monaco, but not that fancy” (: Teemu was driving really good and the car looked nice and clean with new tailgate, lights, bumper and everything, until. Teemu took a wide line and would not lift the pedal, not one bit (cuz we always tell him not to) the results of this was Teemu touching the wall with the rear bumper which made the car swing rapidly towards it. When we first looked at the damages, they didn’t seem that bad and everyone of us thought that we’ll fix it with a big sledgehammer.

Gothenburg City Ring

Christoffer, “Totte”, who owns Fair Bilservice offered us his help and his shop to fix it. The car was immediately brought to his shop and while the guys started taking it apart me, Teemu and Totte went to get spare parts from a local car graveyard, it took us 19 minutes to arrive, dismantle the parts, pay and leave. We also got a new hose for the oil cooler which broke, big thanks there to Madde and Hydroscand (: When we got back to the shop, we got the most awful news this season. The front left tire was 15cm too far back, 10cm too far in, and 5cm up, the whole front suspension, axles and everything had moved. Even the floor on the drivers side had a nice big fold in the middle. However we got the car “drivable” in a few hours, the angles were quite messed up and Teemu said he has to do a lot of work behind the wheel so this weekend he got a good arm workout.

Totte and Teemu @ Fair Bilservice


The next day we drove to Rudskogen, with almost no challenges, the mobile internet stopped working when we passed the border to norway so that’s why we haven’t been updating so frequently. We had a good place in the exhibitor area with Monster Energy and the only driving this day was a serious burnout. Saturday was a good sunny day and in “breisladden” Teemu qualified on a shared second place with a few points less than Mad Mike. A lot of people were interested in the Mercedes and hopefully everyone who wondered something got a good answer, at sunset, Dino from Speedhunters showed up and wanted pictures of the Mercedes so we drove in to the pits and I think he got some amazing shots of the car even if the subject wasn’t that beautiful you can maybe see some pictures of the mercedes at speed soon. On sunday when the top12 begun it started raining like 1 minute before the start and Teemu only had the 225 tire with him in the lineup. He didn’t go through to top6 even though the crowd seemed certain about the opposite. The last runs we got the NOS system working and Teemu was very hyped, he said it felt like doing a kickdown but not having to shift down, he estimates even more than a 100hp boost from it.

Speedhunters Photoshoot.

The weekend was great overall and we met a lot of people, huge thanks to everyone supporting us and staying interested even though we keep crashing the car big thanks to the insane family of Monster Energy. After this weekend we’re also certain that we need a new car, we are heavily considering the C-class W202 as we already started on it last winter but ran out of time. The engine will probably pretty much be the same engine that we’re using now, but with some adjustments. We are looking forward to the next season and hopefully we will have a slightly bigger budget next year.

Mad Mike & D-mac

More pictures and a video coming (:

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  1. Please don’t change out the W123! 🙁

    You guys have definitely risen the interest for the old W123 for many people!

  2. Just take another W123 wagon. It’s what BSR makes (for me anyway). The wagon gives you hero-status! Who else does racing, let alone driftng, with a wagon??

    1. Yes we will. we’ll keep the w123 for shows and other events such as Gatebil but we need a new RACE car and it is not possible to make that out of a w123 estate wagon.

  3. For me you are keeping wats best the merc,the driver and DIESEL! Now that´s What BSR is!

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