The AMG w203 wagon is a good looking car, om606 is an extremely good engine once it gets a huge turbo, compressor and nitrous, an e55 AMG automatic gearbox combined with arduino logic board might make some people speechless. Why would someone even consider not combining these?

In january 2013 we started building the new diesel drifting monster with only a few things determined. The chassis was going to be a w203 wagon, the engine was most definitely going to be an om606, the car had to have proper steering angle and it had to be LOW, WIDE and AGGRESSIVE.

When the car was brought to the garage noone even thought it would be finished in time however, we did. This car is truly a unique creation and I personally believe that anything quite like this has never been made.

And for the guy at Mercedes Benz reading this, contact us.

We would like to thank all of our partners for the financial help, Bahco tools,, MBkoskinen.fiMonster Energy,, MB-Mobile, parkkila.fiKuva-Järvinen, Akku-teho MarineTarvikemotti, SSp and especially…

MB-Specialist for their perfect, utter and indefectible help with everything!

We know that there is quite a lot of you that have been checking in everyday for new posts about the building and we thank you for that, some of you might even know every tiny thing that has been made on this car and how it’s been made but here it goes, the specifications for “That one w203”.

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  • Rebuilt Mercedes Benz OM606 3litre 24v turbodiesel
  • Arrow rods
  • Diesel pump by 8mm elements, approx 230ml
  • Eaton MP90 compressor with custom made smaller wheel
  • Holset HX52, Inducer 65mm, Exducer 70mm, Exhaust side #16
  • Custom made exhaust manifold
  • Big intercooler
  • Custom made intake manifold by SSp
  • Valve for compressor/turbo regulation, volvo truck parts.
  • Oil sump & pump from 320 cdi with custom made shorter gear to avoid cavitation on high rpm
  • 8cm Griffin radiator placed in the boot
  • Hoses provided by Samco



  • Modified 5 speed automatic e55 AMG model 722.6/W5A580 by Ville Saari
  • Custom made Arduino software by Ville Saari
  • Gear display on dashboard
  • Manual shifter

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Drivetrain & Suspension:

  • Custom made front suspension and steering by SSp, approx 65° preserving geometry, K-sport coilovers
  • Complete fitted toyota supra torsen rear axle

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  • Rollcage by Black Smoke Racing & Teemu Peltola
  • Custom aluminium dashboard by SSp, wooden vinyls
  • Gauges for boost pressure, oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, gearbox oil temperature
  • Gear display
  • Snap-off steering wheel
  • Hydraulic handbrake
  • OMP seats
  • 8cm Griffin radiator placed in the boot with custom aluminium box, wooden vinyls and large fans from
  • Yellow top battery provided by and Custom battery mount
  • Switches for radiator fans, fuel pump, water pump, headlights, wipers, glow, start, dashboard fans, turn etc.
  • Belts




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