OM648 220-270hp Tuning Guide

Level: Easy, no modification or difficult work

This guide is composed to help you if you have decided to do something as stupid as tuning your OM648 engine 😉 It is based on our experiences and is not an absolute truth. We’ll keep it up to date as we learn more about the engine and if you have any experiences you want to share or think we are wrong about something please comment them below this post.

Generally with this engine up to 270hp the only thing you need is engine tuning. If you want to be on the safe side you can fit our pump coupling kit.

Engine management

We offer different types of solutions for engine management / ECU tuning. The product we sell directly on our page right now and also is remotely programable is:

The custom swap ecu is really for more complex projects but we’ll soon have a cheaper easier program available.


One upgrade that can be worth the money to do is the high pressure pump coupling kit, but it should not be needed below 300hp. Apart from this you shouldn’t need any mechanical changes up to 270hp. Of course your engine needs to be working properly to begin with and if you order the engine tuning please make sure everything is 100% mechanically working before we start the programming.


There should not be any issues with drivetrain or gearbox under 300hp.


Stock engine breaks and tuning them wont probably make em last longer. Driving style and original condition will also affect how long lived your engine will be. That said this should be on the safest end if you want to tickle your engine just a little bit.