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Now it feels like we are on the right track with the car and Teemu seems really happy to drive it too.


We had a fun trip to Alastaro located in the southern Finland. This time Teemu’s sprinter was even inspected so we didn’t need to worry about the police. We arrived at the track late on Friday night and therefore had to sleep in the sprinter.  The power problems from Kemora were solved with new 8 mm elements installed in the pump. The untouched cooling-system started to make trouble again in the practice basically leaking out every drop of coolant in a couple of runs. In the intermission Teemu found out (what he thought was) the problem, a broken cooler cap. We loaned one from the sprinter and the drifter seemed to be fine until the last run in the final when it once again leaked out the coolant, fortunately in the last run. Teemu’s driving was really great! After a sixth place in the qualifications he was unstoppable in the tandem finals. After the first run in the final Teemu was in a 9 – 5 lead and would only needed to take the second run with ease and win the race. Instead Teemu put on maximum attack and we saw the greatest drift of the day from both drivers. In the last corner Teemu came so close to Haanpää that he had to break and turn out not to hit him. If Teemu had let go of the gas a bit he may have won the race but now he hit the last clipping point flat out and got zero points from the last run which resulted in a second place after Haanpää. Anyways every one in the team were happy with the second place and it was great to see the car working. Next weekend i Tuuri we will be one step higher.


A video from Alastaro by RynaFilms




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