We are now starting to make our first video and we hope to make one for each race. But we got a big problem with the music because we don’t want to use copyrighted music.


And now we are asking you for help, I’am sure some of you make some music or know someone who make music. So if you want your music to be played on the BSR videos please contact us (joniuunila (at) gmail.com or blacksmoketube (at) gmail.com). We are not very demanding we are just locking for something we like and is easy to edit to. Preferably some rock or dubstep style but you can suggest anything! Last year when we used Gakko 3 they actually sold 5 albums in the US after the video was released.


So if you know some music we can use, suggest it to us, and if you know someone who got a band ask them if we can use anything they’ve made.


Thx in advance I’am sure we will find some good music for the video!

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