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Unexpected problem and some progress.

Hi there!

It has been quite silent after the promised test run two weeks ago. The reason is that the engine broke down after just a few runs. At first we had no idea why this happened even if someone mentioned the reason already on the scene of tragedy as a possible fault. We didn’t want to tell anyone before we knew for sure what the problem was and how to fix it.

This video is taken second before the engine failed and you can hear it doesn’t sound healthy. (edit: this was the wrong video and the merc is not even running in this clip)
The engine was quickly opened on the Monday after the test and the fault became painfully clear as all the crankshaft bearings were damaged an the second one had practically exploded. At this point we could not yet find any reason to why this had happened and our mechanics started to feel some pressure. Finally after going trough the lubrication system one more time they found the problem which was a ill fitting mounting plate for the oil-hoses to and from the oil-cooler.

This part caused the engine failure

The mounting plate lead to a severe drop in oil pressure to the crankshaft bearings and caused the engine failure.

Now the problem is fixed along with a couple of others we found and the engine is again mounted and we are looking forward to a new test run on Wednesday.

The engine is back where it belong.

While the technically more advanced team members fixed the engine the rest of us started to fix the MB sprinter we travel with which is gona get som new paint, a new interior and a lot of other tweaks.

The was quite a lot of work with the body.
Jesse sanding the body.

The most of the rust is fixed and we are gonna paint the whole car black. We are still planning the interior but we bought a big refrigerator to have a cold place for all the meat Patrik and Anton is eating, about 10kg a day. The car will also have a whole new sound system. Also we are gonna fit some speakers an burn a new CD since the old one has been with us since 2009 and not even Teemu can listen to it any more.

More Sanding

Well we got our hands full so it can take a while between the posts but we try to update quite often now before we go to Denmark for the first race. By the way are anyone of you coming to Denmark to watch us?


  1. Mounting plate itself was made not by size – misalignment of the holes with the holes in the block plate? Or mounting plate was installed incorrectly?

    PS: good luck!)

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