You’re on your way home after a long day of hard work, the clock is creeping towards midnight and you’re all exhausted, what else to do but swing by the garage?


And who do you find there? Well, as the title suggests, two artists at work. Teemu and Emil had entirely planned the steering and was already welding and fitting when I got there. You might sense a small amount of Teemus and Emils heaps of satisfaction even by only looking at the pictures… I think they deserve it (: It’s always amusing to witness such creativity resulting in major success.



The original steering joints were taken apart and some new stuff was also added to get the feeling Teemu wants. The steering is now twice as responsive.


The headlights had already been fitted and mounted with new anchor points and all, they still need wiring but thats gonna happen later…





The drivers seat was also fitted and placed in the right position, the attachment plates are still to be manufactured but this will also happen soon!



I personally think that this looks stunning, I don’t know what makes it this beautiful but atleast my eyes find the whole front really winsome. The projector headlights certainly live up to their expectations.

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  1. Great stuff.

    I hope you guys will stick to the original grill. It’s such a big part of the Mercedes look. No chicken wire mesh please 🙁

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