We now have a bus! Pretty awesome huh? We found it online on last weeks wednesday and by thursday night me and Teemu had traveled by train no further than Lappeenranta (read almost Russia!) and driven the bus home to Kokkola. Quite funny is that the previous owner had big problems starting it for us at the location, we waited for almost 3 hours… (: The problems were only caused by bad batteries.

photo 5

photo 4

Anyway, we have exactly one week to finish our “motorhome” but with the manpower working every evening, it shouldn’t be a problem, some minor compromising regarding comfort probably has to be made but it should be fine. Special thanks to Audioimport.fi!

If our sprinter was a five star hotel, this will certainly be a six star hotel.

Teemus neighbor, a fellow interior/kitchen salesman will be helping us out with the kitchen-part of our motorhome.


photo 1

photo 2

Most important now is to get the “motor”-part of our motorhome ready, meaning a backdoor for the car and ramps or something to get the car inside. Teemu and his father, Hannu have been in charge of this and the door is almost finished. We will probably have to build ramps to get the car up, as we do not have enough time for anything else.

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