Level: Hard, requires knowledge about engines and ability to manufacture parts.

400-500 horsepowers gets close to the limits of this engine but is still possible to get reliable (Our race engine is about 800hp). However to get it reliable we recommend quite a lot of improvements. You will have to modify the internal mechanical parts, turbo, pressure pipes, fuel system, engine management and cooling system.

Parts that need to be replaced

Turbocharging system


For this level we recommend a Holset hy40 up to 450, or a Holset he531 up to 500 hp.

Custom manifold and billett hx35 coming to webshop!

Pipes & Intercooler

Aluminium pressure pipes all the way from turbo to intake. The biggest intercooler you are able to fit. We recommend weldable quick couplings for the pipes (Wiggins or similar).

Fuel system

A stock 400 CDI high pressure pump will be able to deliver upp to 500 hp. If you want more you can fit the pump with our custom pump gear. You also need to fit the pump with a stronger pump coupling. If you don’t use a transfer pump the fuel lines needs to have an inner diameter of at least 12mm. You will also need improved injectors we recommend our race injectors.

When updating to the 400cdi pump, there is no place for the stock temperature sensor which is attached to the stock pump. Easiest solution for this is to just leave the sensor attached to cable and move it somewhere else in the engine bay. This way you don’t need any modifications on the map. The fuel temperature has extremely minor influence on the map.



You will need custom pistons that are optimised for the custom injectors in this case the street version of our race pistons would be the best one. We also recommend stronger h-profile connection rods with ARB bolts and common std bearings.

To improve the torque and general characteristics of the engine we strongly suggest our custom camshafts.

We also strongly recommend our griddle plate and ARP bolts to stabilise the block.

Cooling system

We recommend to improve the engines cooling as much as possible.

Engine management

You will need a highly customised engine map. We recomend to use a EDC16, EDC15 or Baldur DID1 ECU.

When you purchase injectors from us, every set is individually measured. These measurements should be taken into account when you make software, you can choose to buy the software for you car for a reduced price when you order your injectors. For 300-400hp you also need to get a 4-bar map censor. This sensor is plug-and-play so no hassle there.


At these powers we also reach the limits of the standard drivetrains generally. These suggestions of-course is dependent on your car and your driving style. If you use a 722.6 gearbox we recommend you get it strengthened. We also recommend a strengthened cardan shaft and billet drive shafts.