A little unplanned, a little low on expectations and very laid-back the whole team woke up at 5:30, saturday and headed for Seinäjoki and EPUA-Drift (about 200km from where we’re situated). The Finnish Pro Drifting Association arranged event turned out great with more than 3000 in the crowd and some very impressive 26 drivers. The arrangements also worked perfectly! (:

Got Smoke?!

The practice started at 10:00 and the track turned out to be quite small with the max entry speed at 90km/h (correct me if I’m wrong). This however fitted the mercedes perfectly, 265 achilles tire + nitrous seems to be quite a combination on smaller tracks. When the VIP-passengers-rides started Teemu really got the lines right!

Teemu was first out in the qualifications and got 73 points he ended up qualifying 11th.


The top 16 battle was against Toritech Drift Teams Riku Ranne, Teemu was kind of intimidated at first, as Riku tends to drive very fast and his escort moves like a lizard, this was Rikus first time on the track this year, they put on a real show alright!! He still got through to top8 which was against Rengasmarket Drift Teams Niko Määttälä and his S15, this was a very even battle containing a “one more time” after which Teemu won with a very small margin. The top4 was against the local star Juha Pöytälaakso from Power2Drift with his sick E46 beast.

Teemu vs Riku Ranne
Happy winner!

The final battle was against Toritech Drift Teams Henri Haanpää, after an even, fast, smokey battle the ceremony started and Teemu won!

Worth mentioning is also how good drivers we have here, every single battle was amazing and how great the crowd was! Extraordinary.

1. Teemu Peltola

2. Henri Haanpää

3. Juha Pöytälaakso

Video will soon be out!

We’d also like to especially thank our sponsor MBkoskinen.fi and Kari Koskinen for the pictures and the support here (:

The most awesome car was found outside the area, parked next to the sidewalk, one thing is certain, someone had a nice ride! STANCED W123 LANG!


If you have some questions, please ask (:

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