Black Smoke Garbagegarage Tour

We organised a “small” tour in from our hometown and through a couple of villages, surprisingly not just home to a few Mercedeses!

Starting in Kokkola

13:00 we gathered up at ABC, a local gas-station and waited until 13:45 for people to show up for the tour. Behold 11 cars had lined up at the starting point!!

#maakuntakierros #letka #dailydriver #premiumgarbage

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Kälviä – 14:00 – Herlevi Pulling Team

At Herlevi, about 15 minutes from Kokkola the bus decided to spit out all of the coolant, after a lot of cursing and adding more coolant we continued. Pekka and Matti Herlevi also took one of the tractors for a spin, watch the end of the video below!

Aikataulu elää! #katastrooffi

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Kannus – 15:00

At kannus we met up at the bus station with some more cars and drifted a little with Teemus RC car! The tour left Kannus with 17 cars + our bus!

Kannuksessa! 17 mersua mukana! 😎 #kannus #premiumgarbage #garbagegarage

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Sievi – Teboilin – 16:00

Going to Sievi  one of the coolest cars (190 with om605 and a full rollcage) broke down and had to cancel the rest of the tour, they still came to the afterparty so that was nice 🙂 From Sieve a few mercs joined and we were over 20 at this point.

#maakuntakierros #dailydriver #letka

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50 Mercedeses and Black Smoke burgers – Nivala, 17:30

About 50 mercs has joined our tour in Nivala we are soon heading to Ylivieska 😄#maakuntakierros #letka #dailydriver

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#maakuntakierros #jussingrilli #nivala

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Ylivieska – 19:00

We stopped in Ylivieska and went through the cars a little, we decided who would get the three prices we had made for the tour.

Final stop, Sauna and After party, Kalajoki – 20:30

Final stop was in Kalajoki and most of the cars were still participating. We heated up the sauna, washed up and went to Merisärkkä for the afterparty!

Big thanks to Jussin Grilli and Merisärkkä for the nice greetings and open arms!

Congrats to the lucky three who got the “Black Smoke Maakuntakierros 2016 – Hienoin mersu top3” – Award!

The daily driver will be for sale soon, stay tuned. Lets make next year even better, will we get even more people to participate??

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