Spoiler: the engine goes on an adventure!

We are on fire, the engine has been removed and Jesse now has the ball on his side of the court. See the whole story on our second episode of season 2018. We will soon do a bigger write up on what is going on with the setup before next season, but we first need to have a chat with Jesse – who knows what is going on.

2018 calendar

We also intended to reveal the calendar for 2018 here and now, but we didn’t because we have not decided everything yet because we have been doing other stuff that is also very important. HOWEVER we have decided one thing, the first event will not be Custom Motor Show in Jönköping, but it will be J-Spec.se Drift Challenge!! Hooray! Be in Karlstad on 13-14.4.2018!

Here is our new stainless steel belt

It is the best belt there is, it’s amazing, you wont believe it, have a look.



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