Now we can happily announce that every suspension-question in 2011 is already answered thanks to our new sponsor!

Read more about the brilliant company or visit their racelicious website!

Bigem is specialised in competition Shock Absorber R&D, manufacturing and service. The Company has a very high class technical knowledge and equipment. It doesn’t matter which level you are competing or hobbying – they are ready to help you. They manufacture Shock Absorbers of their own design. They are innovative and keep on pushing the boundaries. They have “ready to go” sets for the most common rally cars and if they don’t then they make one.

They use state of the art Damper Dynamometer to analyze the Damping Forces. They have highly advanced software to calculate springs and the Critical Damping Rates. They are able to service and modify all the most common damper makes and if needed they can get custom made Springs made.

It will be intresting to see how the car behaves with some REAL shock absorbers! Gotta love those professionals! 😉

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