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No snow december, cylinder head ported

By Mats

The cylinder head was recently ported by Mats, a fellow friend of us and also an expert on the internal combustion engine (for those who have not heard about him yet we have to clarify by saying that everything he makes or does, turns out to be highest quality). While the stock Mercedes OM606 cylinder head flows very good, both the intake and exhaust channels can always be improved. On the intake side Mats has done this by filling a little on the inner turn, carving a little of the outer turn and finally polishing it, giving it optimum flow orthogonally towards the intake valve. The exhaust side was merely polished.

The media crew is also working hard, the “best of BSR 2011” will probably be released on 2011 so stay tuned. A Teaser will be released by the end of this week.

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