The Christmas Party at Teemus and Mikkos garage was a great success and a lot of people showed up to check out Teemu’s and Dennis’s cars and talk to the drivers.

The main attraction except for the cookies, that Teemus Mom brought us, was the Cars. The Merc was on display in a beautiful Christmas light, making it seem really calm and homely as if we were about to start snuggling up on the sofa or playing Partypoker.  The observant of you may notice that a new friend has found it’s way to the engine bay.

Time to time it got almost crowded in the garage and a lot of people show’d up even from far away. Sitting on the Merc you can find Teemu and Dennis and to the right sits Eero from Seinäjoki also a Pro-class driver

The food was excelent thanks to Teemus mother and the where  enoguh to everyon even tough a lot of people came to visit. The  christmas tree was cxdecorated by teemu and anton with led lights  and a “Police isolated”-tape….

Teemu didn’t want to brag so he hided the medals well visible in the  center of the room 😉

The new t-shirts has arrived and were on display along with the videos from  season 2010

Thanks to all sponsors for the season 2010

Merry Christmas

and a

Happy New Year

to everyone

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