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Gearbox “Locked n´Loaded”

The new automatic gearbox coming up…The manufacturers sent an image of the improved mercedes automatic gearbox that soon will be brought to us for testing. Hope it will do well =)

quite a piece, isn’t it? 😉

6 thoughts on “Gearbox “Locked n´Loaded”

  1. Hey,

    I think you guys are pretty much kick ass. I love W123s. I’ve got a Euro 81 300TD (nothing special to you Fins) but here in the states they’re not so common. I love watching your videos. Good luck next season! Keep racing and keep winning!

  2. Thank you! And we sure will 😉

  3. hello, I’m very curious to know how many horses does this machine and what is the maximum speed.

    you are great! 🙂

    ciao, sono molto curioso di sapere quanti cavalli fa questa macchina e qual’è il regime massimo.

    siete grandi!!! 🙂

    1. excuse not maximum speed, i mean max rpm engine.
      i’m sorry for my english 🙂

      1. We don’t know the horsepower it could bee anything between 350 and 500. The top speed is also unknown but it sure is enough for drifting 🙂

      2. Probably about 6500 rpm… more would do nothing but harm..

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