Hello again fellow followers! Currently the team is working hard on the mercedes and a few things has already happened. The engine is currently being handled, fixed and assembled  by a local expert named Ville Herlevi. The engine will be ready in approximately a week. The turbocharger will be sent to LDS-turbo for fixing, also this week. Last but not least the team has also been fixing the support rods in the front end to get more steering angle and believe it or not we’ve also started working on the body! even though the car doesn’t have a single scratch on it! 😀 We promise, it’ll look good when were done, don’t worry nothing big will be done to the body, it will merely get a little sand and new paint!  more pictures will be shared soon!

Regarding the sponsor-issue for this year, you’re still welcome to sponsor us! Please call or email us if you’re interested! // Patrik.wargh@gmail.com, +358405040785, joni.uunila@gmail.com

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