Next up is a rollcage, the rollcage is an essential part of a drifting car as you’re not allowed to enter any higher level drifting event without it. This mechanical structure that offers great safety is nothing but familiar to Teemu as the w123 was pretty much held together by merely the rollcage.

The guys have not been working a lot on building the rollcage, but the results are stunning, how can one make such progress in just a few days? We’ll as we know Teemu gets stuff done very fast. With a little help he’s even faster.

As the second picture might suggest, any car looks a lot better with a front bumper. Ours is a ABS plastic, perfectly fitting (don’t mind the picture…) C-class AMG bumper kit, mercedes sure know how to make a bumper. The bonnet is also new as the one that came with the car was quite damaged. Both the bonnet and the bumpers were provided by MB-Specialistone truly great partner!


As you’ve probably read before, we really did not predict that the engine would fit so perfectly into the engine bay. It really took us by surprise! (:


We’ve always thought that it’s not about how it looks, the real focus should be on if it works. In Finland someone rarely asks “did it turn out well?”, the most common question is always “how many hours did it take you”. This is not necessarily a good thing since one might think that everything is done “too fast”In this case the guys made an extremely high quality rollcage and it didn’t even take them that long!

Regulations in the BDC say the the main frame should be a minimum of 45×2.5mm or 50x2mm, we chose the 45×2.5mm. As soon as the inside is ready we should get it painted too (no surprise there…)

Oil coolers for both gearbox and engine were bought and these beautiful Setrab-babies should do the work just fine!


New seats and belts too! Gotta love everything that’s fresh and new!
rollcage-8 rollcage-9

MB-Specialist has a very special place in this particular garage!rollcage-11

This was all for now, on the last picture I’m holding a new steering wheel! Hope it turns out well, hehe… (: Stay tuned for more news!

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