Hello fellow readers, fans and followers! We can now announce that we’ve found the right turbo to do its job properly, it only took us a few years and about 6 different turbos. The newest guy is a Holset HX52, the exhaust side is sized #16, the inducer 65 mm and the exducer 70 mm. Enjoy the “artistic” pictures and please do not hesitate to comment.

Special thanks to Tmi Petri Pietilä for the TIG welding!



Koneurakointi Mikko Peltola

After a short testdrive Teemu commented that the car with the current configuration might be the most powerful car he’s ever piloted, also the huge turbolag is gone!

Come check out the first event at Kemora, Finland 11.5.2013! The Timetable for saturday on radalle.com website, http://www.radalle.com/uutiset/?cmd=uutinen&id=559


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