As planned we took the flight to Stockholm and picked up our gear in Nykvarn, from there we headed to Mantorp and arrived about 9 pm, after numerous stops.

The first night went all to fixing the car after the mashups in Gardermoen and enjoying the good company. The qualifications started late saturday evening and so did we, Teemu only got a few practice runs before the qualifications as the cooling didn’t work very well. After Ville, Anton and some friendly smart guy (NAME YOURSELF šŸ˜› ) had made water sprinklers for both the intercooler and the radiator the cooling seemed to work and Teemu got a few practice laps.

The qualifications did not go very well as Teemu wanted to try out the wide tires, well let’s just say thank god Teemu qualified 13th.

The twin battles were driven on sunday, teemus first battle turned out great even though he said that he simply could not get the car all the way out to the clipping points, even with more speed than needed. The second opponent did not turn up at all so Teemu went through to top8. This battle was kind of epic, at least most of the people think so (sorry for the dent but it wasn’t really a biggie) sadly Teemu shoved a clipping point off the track in desperation of trying to get closer to them šŸ˜€

When Teemu was chasing he was a bit too close in the last turn and didn’t have time to brake when the opponent made the transition and unfortunately the trunk off the other Mercedes hit Teemus right hand wheel and the steering joint broke. Our competition ended here, 8th place.

Now when we got the car home it’s time to make some major repairs and a few adjustments, stay tuned as a small video will be released soon.

We’ll also have a little surprise for you at Gatebil, Rudskogen, BE THERE! 13.7 šŸ˜‰

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