So whats going on with Black Smoke Racing nowadays?

Well, not too much, Teemu himself is quite busy with his own business and me and Joni with our new business and our bachelors thesis. The others are busy both working and in school. So building the new car will for sure be a great deal of work.

The car – w209

The latest update on this is that we already know a potential car to use and this would only have to be bought and brought to Finland. Some of you might have read a lot about different models we we’re about to use for the new car but for the time being the idea is to use a CLK (w209). The reason for yet another change is the front of the w202, which we’re not allowed to modify enough in the BDC. The w209 however has mcpherson by default and it would be a lot easier to build up the front end from this.


We’ve secured a few partners for next season already and hopefully we can count on some of the old ones too. SNA Europe (Bahco tools) will be providing all the tools we need, MB-Specialist is still with us and they will be providing us with a lot of mercedes parts and some financial help. is also with us and will be providing a lot of financial help along with Castrol.

We’re still seeking a Tire partner and lots of smaller partners. Feel free to contact us on these matters.


For those of you wondering what events we’ll be attending next season here goes a “rough forecast” (:

  • All rounds of the British Drift Championship – if none interfere with other events
  • Gatebil – atleast the main event
  •  DHB – depending on budget

If you’re wondering anything, just ask and we’ll try our best to answer.

Also, vote for us on speedhunters poll by clicking the link below (:

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