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Calendar draft 2016 – What might happen.

Comparison between the new and the old piston.

Our calendar for 2016! More events should be expected but these should be pretty accurate!   Påsksladden, Elmia 25-27.3 Gatebil, Våler, 20-22.5 Gatebil, Mantorp, 16-19.6 Gatebil, Rudskogen, 6-10.7 EPUA Drifting, 20.8 Venetsia Drifting, Kokkola 27.8 HTS 2016, Oulu 10-11.9 Gatebil, Mantorp , 23-25.9

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Victory at EPUA Drifting – Seinäjoki

A little unplanned, a little low on expectations and very laid-back the whole team woke up at 5:30, saturday and headed for Seinäjoki and EPUA-Drift (about 200km from where we’re situated). The Finnish Pro Drifting Association arranged event turned out great with more than 3000 in the crowd and some very impressive 26 drivers. The…

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