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MB Specialist, a great sponsor!

Thank you,

We just recieved a large shipment full of awesome new parts for the mercedes! MB Specialist sure has been a great sponsor and we hope the partnership will continue infinitely! Last weekend the whole Black Smoke Racing were gathered for a official meeting and we discussed drifting season 2012 in detail, at this point it looks like our first race will be in Vandel, Denmark 1-3.6 attending International Drift Series!

Before this can happen we have a lot to do, both to out fellow hauler, the (rain)forrest deep green lovely Mercedes Sprinter and to our race-car. Thank you all for the attention we get, hope to see you in plenty of events this summer, I don’t know about you but when I say that I’m stoked, I sure am speaking for the whole team!

As for the financial side of 2012, we’d be happy with a few more sponsors, so if you know anyone that even slightly might be intrested in sponsoring us, please do not hesitate to contact us!

or directly by phone


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