The diesel drifter, final 2012 setup

Mercedes W123 wagon -81 2012 setup. Approx 600hp & 1000Nm with NO – Now retired.


The body i basically the same as in 2011, it is straightened and we have changed a couple of body parts. The car will also be repainted before the season starts. Biggest changes are the new steering and custom adjusted chassis. The new chassis and steering will give us a more balanced car and that will make it much easier to drive.

BIGEM custom adjusted coilovers.

Rollcage by TS-mekan

Rear & Front Axles from Toyota Aristo

Custom made steering made from Mercedes, Volvo, Toyota and custom parts to give a steering angle of 62 degrees.


3.0 Litre, 24 Valve, OM606 -98 Mercedes Turbodiesel Engine.

During the winter the whole engine has been rebuilt with a lot of new parts. Ville Herlevi is in charge of the block and assembly with new rods from arrow and modified pistons.

Custom Exhaust Manifold

Compressor – Eaton MP90.

Holset HX52 modified by LSD-turbo.

Diesel pump by Mynädiesel (picture below)

Self made Intercooler – Model Large

Oil cooler

Water injection – DevilsOwn alcohol injection kit

Radiator moved to the trunk.




Gearbox, Modified Automatic Mercedes AMG E55 Gearbox

Rear & Front Axles from Toyota Aristo



Stock dashboard with gauges for oil pressure etc.

Hydraulic handbrake

Aluminium fuel tank

Aluminium Air intake & Cooler Box

Water tank!

31 thoughts on “The diesel drifter, final 2012 setup

  1. This engine has got a OM603 pump or the original pump modified?

    1. I think they use a OM603 mechanical pump 😉

      1. Yes it’s a mechanical pump from the w124 model.

  2. other than hoses and hydraulic handbrake assembly what else is needed for the H.Handbrake to work?

  3. ‘Nice setup and wicked driving in Denmark at DHB 2012. i was waiting all day for you to show up at the drift track and you really made a awsome show. a BIG hand to you and the team. Daniel from denmark


  5. Love your car mate,

    Im making a bmw 325tds now and youve insipired me a lot,



  6. Do you need your old connecting rods I’ll take them for my om603 🙂 lol

    1. they will remain in the engine, just buy them from arrow, no biggie (:

  7. Great driving @ Bilsport event at Mantorp, Sweden 2012-08-04 🙂 Iwe had alot of fun watching it, if you would like me to send pictures taken with my DSLR id be happy to contribute! Also a video 720p 🙂

  8. What have you else done with the engine, Except a large turbo, compressor and modified diesel pump ?
    And how many horsepower is it ? 

    1. Theres a vid on YT, I think it is 500HP and about 800NM

  9. Hei, Teemu, I love yor W123, but I’m Woundering, why did you use mp90 kompressor instead for the M90 compressor last year??

    the old one made å much nice sound 😉

  10. Why a wagon, not a coupe?

    1. Because awesome

  11. can you show rear suspension??

  12. I’m really interested in the torque output of this amazing machine!

  13. Hello mate! I’m just wondering which exactly fuel pump did you fit their? Is it possible to fit from 3.0 atmospheric diesel engine like om603.912.

  14. How to adjust mechanical fuel pump and how to get stock W210 automatic gearbox running?

  15. Sweet ride! You have inspired me to find an OM606. My first and favourite car was a 1982 300sd. I want to find a W126 300sdl or sel and transplant the OM606 heart into it. You have fans here in Canada too!

    1. Thanks!
      Love to hear that! Keep rollin’ coal!

  16. Hi I am in S.A buzzy with a w114 engine om 606 can some one tell me about the diesel pump setup , I have mod the standard pump from electric to manual but battle with the idling is it possible to do it.

  17. hey, I cant see where do you put that Compressor – Eaton MP90. I ask this before, but i cant see it, can someone tell me? or with a picture? I wanna know it

    1. We don’t use the compressor anymore.

    2. dit you come right with your om606 pump?
      Ockie also from SA.

  18. Love your car and the 606 engine. Thinking now of buying a 300td to add to my toyota hj 47 with 12ht transplant. It would be great to see the car in australia

    1. It would be great to go to australia but i think it’s quite expensive 😀

  19. Where can i find those black wheelarches that you guys used on the w123? And are they expensive?
    Greetings from Norway.

  20. I want to convert my W123 240d with to 603 engine, is there somewhere I can source engine mounts/brackets that will work, and can I still use my 4 speed manual box?
    Im from SA

  21. What was the final boost run on this car, and what compression ratio did you use for the custom pistons? I am planning to run 65psi and I would like to cut the pistons down from 22:1 to about 17:1 on my om606. I think you went down even lower on your om648, but that must have been difficult to start? Thanks.

  22. Hi. Awsome car i must say. I wonder what compression you are using in this engine?

    Best regards
    Rickard Larsson

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