Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of car will Teemu be driving in 2013?

The 2013 car will be a Mercedes benz w203 aka C class wagon. The engine from the w123 will be mounted in the new car and the w123 will get a new simplified engine. The new car will get a new, same kind of gearbox that was used in the w123. Radiator solution is going to be something like in the w123. Outside then? What will it look like? – You’ll see as soon as we start planning it.

The first thing you could do is checking in regularly for posts about building the new diesel drifting monster.

  • What make and model is the 2012 car?
The will be no new chassi for season 2012, but the old one will be tweaked a lot. In other words, the racecar will be a Mercedes W123 with a OM606 engine equipped with a big holset turbocharger and a Eaton M90 compressor. The gearbox ( will be the same as in the end of last season. Some adjustments will be made to the steering, chassis and body.
  • Which engine will be installed?
An all new OM606 – Same kind of engine that we’ve used before, with Turbo and compressor
  • How do i order a T-shirt or other cool stuff?

Just click “shop” and order your merchandise directly from us.

Yes, you can order with credit card without paypal.

  • You wan’t to sponsor us for season 2012?
Please contact us @
  • How to get more power to my diesel engine?
The method is more boost and more fuel, how this is done on your car we don’t know if it isn’t a merc. We have no tuning company or sell any parts except old ones.  You can contact us via the form in the sidebar or by mailing info[at]