Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of car will Teemu be driving in 2013?

The 2013 car will be a Mercedes benz w203 aka C class wagon. The engine from the w123 will be mounted in the new car and the w123 will get a new simplified engine. The new car will get a new, same kind of gearbox that was used in the w123. Radiator solution is going to be something like in the w123. Outside then? What will it look like? – You’ll see as soon as we start planning it.

The first thing you could do is checking in regularly for posts about building the new diesel drifting monster.

  • What make and model is the 2012 car?
The will be no new chassi for season 2012, but the old one will be tweaked a lot. In other words, the racecar will be a Mercedes W123 with a OM606 engine equipped with a big holset turbocharger and a Eaton M90 compressor. The gearbox (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbTVgwshffk) will be the same as in the end of last season. Some adjustments will be made to the steering, chassis and body.
  • Which engine will be installed?
An all new OM606 – Same kind of engine that we’ve used before, with Turbo and compressor
  • How do i order a T-shirt or other cool stuff?

Just click “shop” and order your merchandise directly from us.

Yes, you can order with credit card without paypal.

  • You wan’t to sponsor us for season 2012?
Please contact us @
  • How to get more power to my diesel engine?
The method is more boost and more fuel, how this is done on your car we don’t know if it isn’t a merc. We have no tuning company or sell any parts except old ones.  You can contact us via the form in the sidebar or by mailing infoblacksmokeracing.com

26 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. hey good fucking job guys   super work i like it the power of a diesel engine no some much people can feel it anyway can anybody help me i have a opel omega a 2.3 turbo diesel rwd         pls help 

    1. Sorry i don’t understand your question?

      1. i think he wants to know how to uprate his opel omega turbo diesel

    2. Oh about the opel not really shure does it got a inline diesel pump? Basically more diesel more boos will do it how to do that on a opel i dont know 🙂

  2. hello I’m building a similar engine that you have! but it is a om606.910 none turboI replaced the rods to sten Parnes H style! Do you know how much power 26mm piston pin and pistons can take?
    or should I switch to om606.962 turbo pistons and bolt? goal of over 500hp

    1. For over 500 hp i would recommend a compleet turbo engine to start with there is a lot of little things that differs in the turbo and nonturbo but you should at least change the piston an bolt  but i would keep a lookout for a turbo engine.

  3. Hey, I have a Mercedes w124 1989 300 TDT Engine I want too upgrade.
    I want too install a Scania v8 Turbo to it that I have here. 
    I need some help with what kind of parts I need and what I need to change on the engine?
    Were can I buy this Performance parts? 
    Can you help me and mail me?

    Thanks 🙂 

    1. What turbo is it ? I think it will be too big for the om603 at least it won’t be very nice to drive. The things you have to make is a new exhaust manifold and a intercooler. You also have to modify the intake-manifold a bit since the original goes over the engine wich is not very ideal.  The pump has to be uprated, that can be done in som diesel workshop or maybe a truck workshop.  But otherwise there aren’t much you can buy for these engines you have to make almost everything yourself. 

  4. hei guys!
    i have a OM671a, do you have any idea what i can handel with stock intrenal? i really want to upgrade the diesel pump.
    i run original pump and a smal truck turbo, possible a T3/T4 turbo.do you guys have a diesel pump laying in the work shop for this car??

    pease out 😉

    1. About the pump i have to ask Teemu but i don’t think so. The engine can take quite a lot , how long is another issue. I had a om617 with about 300hp and that worked fine so i would imagine the om 617a can take a bit more around 350-400 maybe for some time.

  5. Do you have any plans on going to carnia this summer :)?

    1. Yeah we taught about it but there is one competition in Oslo ann one in Kemora the same weekend. It seems like we are going to Kemora.

  6. I have a w126 and was very interested in your steering, suspension, and rear differential setup. I want to convert to a rack and pinion setup but don’t know which parts to consider.

    1. Im not entirely sure on this one but i think our steering rack is original pinion is from a volvo 740 and the rest is combined of Toyota Aristo and original parts an also a gearbox from the us to make the steering faster.

  7. Hey guys i was wondering i have a U.S. w123 300d with om617 i swapped the turbo to a h1c which is the older version of the hx35, i was wondering if i could buy a pump from teemu to fuel my little project?

    1. Right now we are all kind of hung up with our own projekts but i can ask Teemu if he got one ready otherwise you could contact Mynä-diesel or PP-diesel here in Finland which make really good pumps. 

  8. Hello guys! Thanx for doing 123 famous! Looking forward to see you at gatebil on Rudskogen 13-15 July. I have a 85mod 123 300tdt and i wonder how hard it is to modify a OM606 engine in my car? My plan is to make the car street legal
    Best regards. KF form Norway

  9. Hi Guys. I am looking to buy a W124 300tdt, but I am thinking about getting the OM606 engine. Will this engine fit on the stock gearbox that is in the W124 or do I need a gearbox from the OM606 engine? Will I have to make the engine mounts or can I use the one that is on the OM606? On the OM606, just by modify the pump how mutch HP can I expect? Will the engine be durabel?
    Thanks guys!! 🙂

  10. Hello
    Fortunately, we Portuguese love diesel engines and we are well advanced in this regard, the team AM Motorsport won the European record for Diesel at Drag Race at Santa Pod … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFwUlKvyXkI
    I am thinking of fitting a c w202 to drift, but I don’t know if I’ll choose the om606 or om613, despite the om613 have more cc and be more recent, which is difference and which is better???

  11. hey i have a w124, and have a om606 engine i want to put in it, what do you recomend to do for around 400/500 hp?

  12. I hawe very high fuel cunsumption on my w210 om 606 td stock. It is about 20l/100km. It has automatic transmision. Any ideas?

    1. Have the gearbox checked! (:

  13. Hei! Onko teidän tuotteilla palautusoikeus? Tilasin t-paidan mutta se on liian pieni!

  14. I have orderd craftman workpants han täthet have nåt still bin shipped i orderd them for 5 days ago

  15. Moi, kaipaisin sähköpostia/puhelinnumeroa, että saisin kyseltyä verkkokaupan tuotteista. Onkohan Soft bundlen paitaa tulossa ennen joulua L-koossa? Jos ei, niin kuinka suurta/pientä kokoa se on? Esim. niska-haaramitta ja rinnanympärys olisi ihan kivat.

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