Black Smoke Racing was founded in 2009 when Teemu Peltola for the first time tried out drifting, the first season was driven only in Finland and in X-treme drift challenge. At first it was all about proving the other competitors that you really can succeed driving a diesel car. The idea was an immediate success. Teemu turned out to be an outstanding driver and won the first championship ever attended. His tough style of driving caught the other competitors eye. Unfortunately Teemu crashed the MB 190D (w201) in the finals.

The first car

The season of 2010 was an even bigger success with a new car. Several big events were attended abroad, (for example Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Latvia and so on). 2010 was also the year when we started filming these events and publishing the videos on Youtube. The videos got a lot of attention and were published on several very big websites worldwide (topgear.com, Autoblog.com, driftworks.com, and so on). The viewers grew fast this year and by the end of 2010 we had 200 000 views merely on our own videos. This year Teemu took the third place in the x­‐treme pro series championship 2010. A Facebook-­‐group and a website was also launched this year, which now have lot of fans.

The second car

The car on the picture above (w123) was first made 2010 and reused in both 2011 and 2012.

2012 was legendary, we met a lot of interesting people and this was also the first year with Monster energy. Videos exist of almost every event, check them out on blacksmoketube.

Attended events and some results from 2012;

  • DHB – Denmark 1-3 June – Second place
  • NEZ Round 1 – Gardermoen, Norway 8-10 june
  • Gatebil – Mantorp 15 – 17 June – 7th position
  • Gothenburg – Road to gatebil, City Ring – july
  • Gatebil – Rudskogen – july
  • Bilsport Action Meet – aug
  • Epua Drift – Seinäjoki, Finland 25.8 – VICTORY
  • NEZ Round 2 – Riga, Latvia, top 16

2013 – New car – New transport vehicle – New possibilities!

Short sum-up of 2013.

In 2013, we started out at Kemora, testing the new car, transmission problems and a broken driveshaft Teemu competed in Time attack :D. After Kemora we did an epic trip all the way to Wales and back. First Denmark and DHB, which Teemu managed to win! After this we headed to Wales for BDC rd. 1, again transmission problems. Teemu fell out in top 8 when the car would not shift up. Next up was Gatebil, Mantorp in Sweden. We did not get much track time, the engine was not behaving well…

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2015 – OM648 and CDI!

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  1. Is it possible to get that W123 image in hq as a wallpaper? If so, I’d be thrilled if you sent it to a.lei@gmx.de – Thanks!

    1. We don’t got any higres picture of the “one wheel in the air” picture it’s taken 2010 in Riga i think but i don’t remember who was the photographer.

  2. Tjenare!  Fick höra att jag  va ca 20km från ert garage över nyår!  Är medlem i 5100.se Mantrop! Hoppas ni kommer till sommaren 2012 till mantorp

  3. Hi there. We would be delighted to have you come to Northern Ireland as a guest in our domestic Drifting series. The clips of your Wagon have become very well known amongst our fans and I know that they would all love to see you in action at one of our events. I hope to hear from you guys soon so we can discuss how I can help you make this trip. Cheers 😉

    1. Hi you can contact me on joniuunila at gmail.com or contact Teemu direct on blacksmokeracing at gmail.com unfortunately Teemus English isn’t very good. Of course we are interested but right now we are in a possition where we can’t afford any extra costs. COntact us and we can discus more.

  4. you guys rok…love your work…i have a discotec in tenerife call Paradise puertocruz …you can add me on facebook you will have lots of free drinks if you come..im your fan!keep going like this 😉

  5. Tossa mersussa On  ASENNETTA!

  6. I love your W123! I have planned to buy a 123 and put in a new engine. A 300 td late 90’s, and an automatic gearbox. But my dad, says that it would not last for a long time if I put a scania turbo on it. Can you answer me if it last or if you change anything after few laps?

    1. The fact is we got a turbo custom made from our sponsor LDS-turbo wich partly is the same as in a Scania truck. Your father is right about the engine will not last long if you put a too big turbo on it. Anyhow you have to seriously up rate your dieselpump to get any power from a big turbo.  Our engine has hold together nicely but that is due to many reasons one being Teemu is a very experienced driver and he is able to maintain the engine when he drives. ALso we got big cooling system, water injection, big intercooler and many other small tweaks wich make the engine last longer. Even so we need to change the engine about once a year to not get too big problems. I would recommend to start modest with a small turbo and low boost levels 1-2 bar . I dont think anything over 300hp will be long-lived as a daily driver.

  7. It has been great seeing the W123 on track. It will be sad to see it go, it’s so different!

    1. You’ll se the w123 this year also :))

  8. Excite me ,attract me ! I want to see the w123 flying on the live.It is also good to touch it .
    Look forward to your 2014year racing.

  9. nice car lads! its a pity shes giving u so much bother. drop a lorry engine in her to fuck lol!

  10. Hi,

    I’m a journalist from the UK – Andy Tipping (photographer) put me in touch to get some details about your W203 drift car for a feature I will be writing about it soon.

    Sorry for the large number of questions! It’s a big build so I want to make sure I get the details correct! If you want to add anything extra which I haven’t mentioned, you’re welcome to do so!

    – From the top – introduce yourself! Where are you based, what do you do for a living, and how did you get into drifting?

    – When did you start Black Smoke Racing?

    – Why do you have a preference for diesel engines, instead of petrols?

    – The W123 is a bit of an internet legend – what were the highlights of its career for you?

    – What attracted you to the W203 C-Class, and why a Wagon?

    – How suitable is the standard car for drifting? Other than the rear-wheel drive chassis…

    – Did you buy the W123 as a standard car? What spec was it?

    – Where did the engine come from, originally? Is it the same drivetrain used in the old W123?

    – What sort of power is it producing now? Has this increased since it was in the W123?

    – Is the OM606 easy to tune up to big power?

    – What was the most difficult part of the build?

    – Why an automatic, not a manual?

    – What does it feel like to drive?

    – Did the W203 need any extra upgrades after its first track time?

    – How has it performed so far? Which events has it won?

    – Are you planning any more upgrades to the car?

    I also need a spec sheet for the car – is this up to date? https://www.blacksmokeracing.com/that-unique-w203-wagon/

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your help!



  11. terve minä mietin jos te olisitte inokkaita tulla pietarsaaren optimalle näutämään teidän auto ja muuta tavaraa 4.2 yks ja puoli vikon päästä me tarvisimme pari inokkaita joka vois tulla tännen

  12. Hi

    I’m a big fan from Austria. I really like black smoke racing, all such diesel stuff. I also have a smokey VW Diesel Golf with 200hp. My queston is you have a t-Shirt with a classic Black Smoke logo. There is a “Black smoke“, “got smoke“ and “rolling coal since 2008“ on it. Could i have the PDF of it to make a sticker for my hood.
    I would be very happy to get an answer.

    Best Regards from Austria
    Harald Weigl

  13. onkohan tälle vuodelle tulossa esim uusia huppareita, t-paitoja tai lippiksiä?

    1. On tulossa kaikista uusia versioita jossain vaiheessa kunhan on varaa tilata.

  14. Onko Peltola ilman morsianta vielä? Olis tieros joku aika komia emäntä.

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