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  • Got smoke?!

    Got smoke?!

  • Partners 2013

    Partners 2013

  • shopslide

    Our webshop is finally opened!!!

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    Teemu shows the way at Bikernieki, Riga (:

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    Moments before Teemus epic burnout at DHB 2012.

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    Black Smoke Racing media by

  • Bahco
the w123! Turbocharged, supercharged, nitrous injected w123 wagon diesel!

Fresh, black, dense and smoking News!

These are the freshest news from our blog, follow us building the new drifting car and attending competitions around europe here! The first place to update is always the website so stay tuned for more exciting news about the team, car, events and everyday life! You can also check out the instagram and twitter feeds below (: Please do not hesitate to comment! Cheers!

Street legal turbodiesel – Part 2 – Fixing the body

The build continues with fixing the body. As we needed to fix some rust and dents we decided to paint the whole car.

Street legal turbodiesel – Part 1 – Finding the right car.

We’ve got a lot of questions through our history on facebook, our website, emails and every other way imaginable about how to get more...

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