Such sunglasses, very little money, wow!

You now have the opportunity to buy our “Emblem shades” at full price!

Our best sunglasses so far, new embedded metal emblem!



Team Black Smoke is not the most successful drifting team, not the most professional drifting team and we don’t do everything the easiest possible way.
Black smoke is known for the passion of Turbodiesel Mercedes-Benz cars and the passion for drifting.

Stay tuned for the 2016 Circus!

We might have a little surprise for you (:

Come watch the Black Smoke Circus!

18-19.4 – AutoSaloon, turku

16.4.15 – Backwoods Customs

22-24.5 – GATEBIL, Vålerbanen

6.6.15 – Pedersöre Truckmeet, Purmo

12-14.6 – GATEBIL, Mantorp

26-28.6 –Sommertreff, Arctic circle raceway

10-12.7 – GATEBIL, Rudskogen

24-25.7 – Vauhtiajot, Seinäjoki

22.8.15 – EPUA Drifting, Seinäjoki

29.8.15 – Venetsia Drifting, Kokkola

11-13.9 – Hötsi, Oulu

25-27.9 – GATEBIL, Mantorp

We do absolutely not guarantee to attend any of the mentioned events. HOWEVER, if you want to help us get there, buy something from the shop!

Winter 2016 – NEW DRIFTCAR