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Performance Street nokat


New and revised street camshafts for 2023, these cams have maximum lift and duration achievable from stock camshafts by grinding. If you want an easy solution, that works with your stock engine and you want maximum results, these are the ones. These cams are made for daily drivers, they can also be used in racecars

  • Plug & Play
  • Maximum lift and duration
  • Perfect for street use

Intake cam with 9,25mm
 lift and 202° duration at 1mm clearance.
Exhaust cam with 
9,40mm lift and 
208° duration at 1mm clearance.

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  • Oikein-merkki EU alueella 1–3 työpäivää
  • Oikein-merkki Muualla 2–8 työpäivää
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Paino 2 kg (kilogramma)


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