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Billet rail pump gear


This is version 2 of the rail pump gear, the updated version is even smaller and it has better grip. If you’re aiming for around 550hp the perfect solution is an om628 pump and this gear. We highly recommend buying the billet rail pump coupling too. Please read install instructions below and be sure you are aware of how the timing works.


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The pump gear comes with and extension for the timing chain tensioner. We recommend mounting this with a new timing chain and do the timing properly.

Suggested method:

  • Remove camshaft gear
  • Grind 3mm off the locking pin from camshaft so the pin does not lock the camshaft gear and it can be freely adjusted, be careful not to grind off too much, otherwise the exhaust timing is not locked – we don’t want that.
  • Mount the camshaft gear, make sure timing is correct
  • Lock it in place with the bolts only, use locktite for extra insurance.


Paino 0,7 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 10 × 10 × 7 cm (senttimetri)


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