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M104/OM606/OM613/OM648 Stressilevy

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The OM648/OM613 needs a little more stability, this provides exactly that. The oil pump chain needs to be extended. Please be extra careful when glueing oil pump part.

  • Sopii myös OM606
  • Meillä on nämä käytössä kilpa-autossa!
  • 10mm paksu


Toimitetaan maailmanlaajuisesti

  • Oikein-merkki EU alueella 1–3 työpäivää
  • Oikein-merkki Muualla 2–8 työpäivää
Tuotetunnus (SKU): GIRDLEPLATE-648-613-606 Osastot: ,


Fit with following hardware:

Main bearing stud, 12 pcs

Stock bolts in first holes.

Please notice that first two fastening points use stock bolt dimensions.


Paino 5 kg (kilogramma)

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  1. Serge

    Hi! How do you deal with all the lower gearbox mounts that are moved down 1cm? Or is it meant for custom gearbox adapter plates?

    • lassekalliokoski

      Often just dont use those bolts between oil pan and gearbox. Another way is cut gearbox flange from oil pan and move it 1cm and weld again.

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