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Easiest way to get more power to your common rail diesel engine. For this, all you need to do is send your ecu software file to us, let us modify it and send it back to you. We always store the stock file in case it is needed.

  • ECU software upgrade
  • Available worldwide!
  • Cheapest upgrade you can get!

Toimitetaan maailmanlaajuisesti

  • Oikein-merkki EU alueella 1–3 työpäivää
  • Oikein-merkki Muualla 2–8 työpäivää
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This is how it works:

  1. You need to send us the original program file
  2. We’ll modify the file and send it to you by email

With the software file you can get about 270hp from your om648, check out the video below where we do it.



With wiring harness, Without wiring harness

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  1. Ron Willer

    Nice site nice parts , looks like Merced benz fanatic.

  2. Eduards (varmistettu kirjoittaja)

    Excellent job doing this guys 💪🏼😎Get fast file done,perfect support!
    Im very happy with modifications and part for my car🤩
    I recommend black smoke for sure if you want make some modifications on your car👍🏻

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