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Bosch 200 fuel pump (new 044)


For diesel applications there are not many choices for transfer pumps. This is the one that works best for us and is rated for diesel use. We run 3 of these in our racecar.

  • 275l/h @ 5 bar
  • Rated for diesel!
  • Enough for 700hp
  • We run these in the racecar

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  • Oikein-merkki EU alueella 1–3 työpäivää
  • Oikein-merkki Muualla 2–8 työpäivää
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15% more fuel than the original 044 pump and less weight.

  • 275l/h @ 5 bar
  • Max pressure 8 bar
  • Inlet: M14x1,5, M18x1,5 with included adapter
  • Outlet: M10x1 without included oneway valve, M12x1,5 with included oneway valve
  • 17A @ 5bar/13V
  • Built in 130 micron filter (not replaceable)
  • Diameter 52mm, 60mm with included adapter
  • For gasoline, ethanol or diesel, shorter lifespan on ethanol
  • 12V
  • Can be mounted both inside or outside the fuel tank.


Paino 1 kg (kilogramma)


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