Saturday, greasy fingers & odd coffee

Moving metal

This saturday was well spent both outside and inside the garage. Please read more about achieving greatness by clicking “read more” ?!?

Yes, it has really happened, we’ve started early enough. Hopefully this kind of commitment sticks on until the car is done. But first things first, yesterday we got the body washed at Deep Shine in Kokkola. Not as rough as a good sand blast wood have been but it’ll do. The body seems to be in very good shape and after a few times getting it on and off the trailer we all agreed that it turns out to be VERY lightweight, this is good.

Niko working his magic ūüėČ


A couple millions of Pascals...


¬†After the wash we hope to grease down ourselves a little less while working on both the rear and front end of the car, including suspension and drivetrain. Next thing to do on the body will be fitting and customizing some kind of suspension and steering. We’ve heard a lot of good rumors from across the Gulf of Finland, but we’ll just have to wait and see what will work best for us. Although the washing was the main and first event of saturday, a few more things were done. Anton removed the valves, springs and every loose part of the cylinder head and got it ready for the porting guy, who magically showed up just when it was ready to go. Later on we moved on to mounting the engine block on the engine stand for easier access. Don’t mind the rust, all in all the block is in very good shape.

Anton @ 4500rpm

 The  cylinder head was sent for porting.

The camshaft

In need of some oil and a gentle rub

Upsidedown om606

One of our young members is helping to drain the engine.

Anton in action again.

Oil pan off.

The rod will be changed and the crankshaft balanced before we put it back together.

Jobb well done!

¬†Bottom line, we got a lot done between the cigarette and coffee breaks and the interest for building the new car was raised a little. Thats all for this time and stay tuned, we’ll try raising the updating frequency a little.

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2 replies on “Saturday, greasy fingers & odd coffee“

  • Simon

    Shit vad jag gillar detta.. Fantasierna har många gånger strävat efter en överladdad dieselsexa i en W202. Ska hålla ögonen öppna efter detta bygget, lycka till under det kommande året!

  • Whilddeere

    hi . you have got a good job to that 606 engine , very nice engine power. i like give me your adviese pls.
    ¬†i have an w 124 250 D¬† and i like to change that engine with a 606 962¬†¬† 3000 cc , with auto transmition ,or¬† with an¬† 3000 cc ¬†V6¬† 642920 wich is the best¬†¬† ? is possimbol to put one of ¬†these engines?what mast to change¬† in the car? the V 6 642¬†is electronic conected with gear¬†¬†, can¬† be working on my old car? ¬†or i¬† ‘ll have electronick problems?


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